Friday, December 10, 2010

Hi God, remember me? [Random Ramblings]

Sometimes, that is my very question.

God? I know you created this world and there are so many people who need your attention more than me. And I know you don't consider me less than others, but, where are you?

Sometimes I feel like I ask, and ask, and ask... and there isn't an answer. The provision never came, or it wasn't what I "needed" or expected. And that's the thing. What I need, and what God knows that I need, are normally completely different things. God promises to provide for me, for us, but he never really told us that we would be over abundantly provided for. I don't blame him. Not having any needs would be nice, but then I would probably forget to call on His name. It's my selfishness.

Last night, I was reminded that God does listen. I was blessed by friends, their generosity, and their attention to God's movement in their lives. What was obedience to one was a blessing to us. God's blessing. God reminding me that He wants me to always bring my needs to Him because he wants to be asked. God may know what I need long before I do, but the process of asking (the humility of it all) is what seems to be the trigger. Hold on to your wigs - I need to know that I "need". That I can't make it on my own, and by my own accord. That realization, and then acting my asking, it's beautiful. And today, I'm thankful that I get to ask. That I get to realize. And that God gets to move. In His perfect way.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Perfect Fall Day

Once upon a time, I got opportunity to take pictures for The Greenwoods and the extended family. They were/are a beautiful family.
It was a perfect fall day.
And then, the baby Lily stole the show.
I couldn't stop taking pictures of her.
So. Many. Babies. All. Around.
True story. Somebody stop me.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Welcome to this world little one.

Baby 'A' finally made her appearance... about a month and a half ago... I know... I stinkith at blogging. But hey, it's my blog :)

I had the privileged of taking pictures just after Abilene Elise was born. And here are a few... just for your enjoyment. Now go. Procreate. I need more babies to photograph.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What to say?

I haven't blogged in a long long time... and life has flown by... and it would take too long to tell you about my adventures in the High School classroom, my short lived nannying experience, or my plea for a maid. So I figured I'd share some pictures of the most handsomest man in the world. I mean, I haven't talked about him too much, and he is just too good-looking to keep from the world. Sorry ladies, he is taken. You're not responsible for the first look however... :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Picture of the day

This is for your pleasure, and mine. I call it. "Chronicles of a Sleepy Cat"

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A little this, a little that.

Here are a few things on my mind:

1. The tip of my middle finger has been numb since I brought groceries in with ONE trip rather than TWO.

2. I give my last speech today. Thank you Lord God Almighty. I hated COMM 101. Do hate, will hate, forever hate, still hate.
3. Reasons for hating my speech class:
i. I hate technology, submitting my speech online, and video recording the event.
ii. Apparently I hate speaking formally in front of friends.
iii. I'm never prepared enough.
iiii (formally known as iv.). I hate inconveniencing people to listen to my speech because I have to have a 4 person audience.
iiiii. Speaking in front of a small group is way more vulnerable than a large group. I find strength in numbers.

4. On to better, happier things.
5. I'm creating a wandering list. This may be difficult because I pledged my life to my husband who is a natural (but un-admitting) homebody. Our worlds have collided, and naturally I lose. But, I'm still creating it, and making sure that there are places he would want to see. Such as: Tokyo. And the Great Wall. And Hong Kong (I want to be like John Stossel and start a frisbee business in Hong Kong because you can). And I want visit all 7 continents. This one may get a little hairy as far as getting the hubs to acquiesce, but I'll keep you informed.

6. We have also been making a life to-do list. I refuse to be an old married couple just living life with children and no life goals. I refuse. In light of that, we have decided to become SCUBA certified. And with that, I've convinced him to go to the Great Barrier Reef. Score one for B-town. This may also mean that he'll move to the beach one day... I thought I'd never see the day.

7. I'm baking cookies. One batch GF and one batch normal. I am pleased to announce that I can't taste the difference.

8. I'm shooting a wedding in less than a month.

9. My friend Rachael is having a baby in about a month... maybe sooner... who knows. And this stirs ups all sorts of giggles and bubbles in my stomach (I can't imagine what it does for her). The baby name starts with an 'A', and I've been guessing for too long. All bribe money can be sent to me.
10. My kitten is HUGE now. I had to make him a new bed, and he jump onto the window. But he still sleeps belly up, and that makes everything better.
11. I would really really love one of these:

I think that it would look adorable on my kitchen counter. And it's green. And summery. Speaking of summer.... WHERE HAVE YOU GONE?!?!
Come back.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Comstock Family Reunion 2010

A few weeks ago Daniel and I traveled back to Colorado Springs where my family was hosting the Comstock family reunion. Here are a few highlights:

- Uncle Denny was playing soccer (barefoot) with second cousin Emily (not to be confused with cousin Emily who is 3). It was dark, and Uncle Denny was trying his best to dominate, but let's face it... Emily owned. If I remember correctly there were also some (2) frisbees flying around, and it was mass confusion for all that were involved. And then Uncle Denny kicked the ball straight on, and thought he bent his toenail. He went to check, and he didn't. The toenail popped off, only hanging by some skin. It was nasty, everyone stared, Uncle Denny may have scream while pouring on hydrogen peroxide, and may or may not have cursed. I would have. Second Cousin Matt (an awesome nurse) gave him bandaging instructions, and a few encouraging words.

- Young People played the Old People in wiffleball. We won. All three games. There was a ton of smack talk, some unnecessary roughness on the field, and some great plays. In the end, we young people rocked it.

- A group of us (including the Mesward boys) decided to climb Eagles Peak one Saturday morning. It's my favorite hike/view of Colorado Springs. The hike is just long enough to remind you that you're really out of shape, short enough to do in a morning, and high enough to make you feel pretty hardcore for finishing it. I thought I was going to die on the way up... and the way down. But you just couldn't beat the view.

- We ate a ton of really good food. This family is not short of good cooks or good eaters. Lets just say both job were done very well.

We had a really great time. I was thankful for Daniel to meet the extended family, to meet new members of the family, and be reunited in a reunion sort of way. Enjoy some pictures documenting some great moments. Can't wait for the Comstock Family Reunion 2012, Las Vegas.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rachael's Baby Bump - Teaser

Just to wet your whistle, take a look at Rachael's baby bump! She's one of those ladies that everyone looks at and says, "I hope I'm that cute when I'm pregnant." More photographs of Rach and little Baby Brown to come soon!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Matt and Mandy Engagement

These have been done for some time, but I forgot to share them in the midst of our move.

Matt and Mandy are planning their wedding for late August, and I'm so excited to be capturing their day for them. They are such a fun-loving couple surrounded by such family. Daniel originally became good friends with Matt his freshman year at Rose, and Mandy and I hit it off quickly (wives/girlfriends of engineers need to stick together). They are musically talented and such a kind and giving couple. Our time in Terre Haute would not be the same without them.

Enjoy their shots. Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2 years (and one day)

A lot has changed in the two years that Daniel and I got married.
A lot of growing as occurred.

Some people thought that we were nuts for getting married so young.
I guess I cant blame them.
They were probably jealous. A love like this is few and far between.
Or just concerned. We were young, going to great places.

We could not have imagined the adversities that we would face.
I'm glad we didn't try to imagine them, actually.
That would have spoiled the fun.

It's been hard.
The compromising, the patience, the unconditional love... the homework.
No one said it would be easy.

I can tell you this for certain.
There was some point
Some phone conversation, some voice inflection,
some statement, some compliment,
in which I knew
in which he knew
that life could not go on without the other.

Corny? Fact.
Truth? Affirmative.

Marriage was the next step.
Come. What. May.

So we followed His heart. We followed our hearts.
What God has created, let no man separate.

Here is to many more years of growing, loving, compromising, laughing, and car dancing.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Garden.

I feel pseudo-domestic this summer. Besides the fact that we are moving to downtown Cincy this summer, I took the liberty to plant myself a garden. It really isn't that spectacular, but I do believe that it is a step toward being a domestic, handy, organic, wife. I've learned a lot about it since planting, and I'm still slightly overwhelmed by it. None-the-less, I'm excited for the plants to start producing... I'm just hoping something starts doing something before we move. Otherwise, we might completely miss out!

In other news, tomorrow we get Mister (the Marked Chinese Fighting Kitty) Mesward. There's another step towards being domestic. Children.

That's a big 10-4.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Love... it happens


It's happenin' folks. Matt and Mandy are tyin' the knot! It's 'bout time if you asked me.

I love my job.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Its been awhile...

Because I've become a softy.
Because Daniel pulled an "all-nighter" last night and has been passed out since 3:30pm.
Because I have walked a path of too much resistance,
conquering middle schoolers, pompous professors, 60 page reports, too much history, and kitchen mice.
Because I have gray hairs.
Because I'm rebellious.
Because Terre Haute has a "smell".
Because I got Easter M&M's at Sams Club for a price I couldn't resist.
Because of sales at Victoria Secret.
Because of new flip-flips.
And pink wallets.
Filtered water.
Broken cell phones.
My budding garden.
80 degree weather.
Carpeted floors.
New Music.
And because I got the chance to paint my toenails,

I have a picture of our (potential) new member of the family. Please take notice of the "M" strategically "furred" onto its forehead. He (I'm hoping) will be named.... Mr. Mesward.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Animal Kingdom War

Day 5: I'm on a roll, baby. This no meat thing isn't too shabby. This might be good, and it might be bad... but I really don't notice too much of a difference. There are many factors that play into this...
- I've been too busy to go grocery shopping for full meals.
- I've been super sick and haven't eaten much, period.
- The meat is in the house is specifically for Daniel and/or guys Rambo night.
- And I'm really determined to not eat any delicious meat.

Changes in thought process and how I think about has changed. I've enjoyed the veggie wrap at SubConnection, which I know I would have never tried unless I was on this... I mean, who can beat roasted turkey in a wrap. Seriously now. And, as I look through recipes, I find that I look for ways to make it vegetarian. Such as substituting veggie broth for chicken or beef broth. It's fun. Liberating. I'm empowered. :)

As I have mentioned before, I've still eating dairy items. So... maybe I'm not getting the full vego experience, but, baby steps. Remember? And I'm not trying tofu yet. Period. Gross.

The following story is true. No alterations.

All laws of the human to mouse interactions were broken a few mornings ago. I'm slightly bitter about this, but I feel that my small blogging audience can help me through emotional therapy.
Groggy. Frizzy Hair. Coffee. Needed. Now. Pronto.
Typical early morning for me. I'd like to say that I'm so nice and perky in the morning, but I wouldn't be fooling anyone. It is a little rough sometimes, but once I get the coffee in my body, all systems are a go. I dragged myself into the kitchen to get my caffeine fix and with a little time to spare, I decided to wash some dishes. Weird... I know. So I'm washing a bowl (which was going to be thereafter used for cereal) and decide to grab a paper towel out of the pantry to dry it out. Normal. I open the pantry door reach up to grab a towel and BAM.... mouse on top of the paper towels.
We had a small problem with mice in the past. But, I was sure that was fixed with some sticky traps months ago. I haven't had any reason to believe they dared to enter again. Little punks. This guy pulled a fast one on me.
Being the woman that I am... I screamed, threw my bowl on the counter, screamed again, and probably yelped a little. Then I stared at him. He didn't move. Suspended on the pantry door, on the paper towels... the sucker didn't move an inch. He stared me down. I mean, I really just interupted a perfectly good morning for him.
We continued to exchange glaring looks.
Being the wife that I am... I scream for Daniel (who was sound alseep in the bedroom). At first it was a "please help me call," then it was a "darling-sweetie-sugar-munch, get your butt in here right now call," then I broke out the big guns... the "I'm-being-raped-get-your-skinny-tush-in-the-kitchen-this-instant-and-help-me call". It didn't work. He was passed out. *This is the part where I assure you that I teased him endlessly about not responding to the freaking-out voice of his wife. Sleep is important... but really.*
So, being the rational girl that I am (haha), I slowly reached for a Tupperware and lid. It was woman against beast. This was my time to shine. I'm the hero in this story.
Mind you... the mouse was just staring at me still.
It was probably a world-class show to him.
I creeped toward him.
And then, the unthinkable. The little guy scrambles back, gets a running start, takes off with the full length of the paper towel roll ahead of him... and


onto me!

That's right folks.
Mouse on my shoulder. Everything after that happened so fast. He ran down my freaking out body, and right into the bottom of the pantry (past two mouse sticky traps) into his little hole.
Being the calm and collected person I am... I freaked. That JUST happened. The mouse went THERE. *snap snap snap*
There are unwritten laws Your Excellency Animal Kingdom. Laws about not touching humans because we are terrifying. Laws about leaving me alone. Approach only when you are asked. It isn't hard. I hold your fate. And for the love of Pete.... I'M NOT EATING YOU RIGHT NOW!!!! Seriously? You should be happy.
It's war, oh breaker-of-human-interactions. Full on, balls to the wall, war. No more Mrs. Nice Guy.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Baby Steps

Huzzah!!! I made it through the first day. Not only that, but I'm almost through the second day! No lunch meat, chicken, or pot roast.

An observation I have noticed though... and this could get really old... but I'm always hungry. Always. I guess it is meat that fills you up and never lets you down (yes, that's what she ... nevermind). So we shall see how these next few days/weeks go, but I thought I'd share my small success with my small blogging world.

Tonight on the menu: steamed veggies, leftover soup, all over brown rice. Yum.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Bring on the Veggies

Well, here's goes nothing. In light of New Years resolutions, healthy eating, and stretching myself, a few friends and I have decided to take on a new diet for the month of February. So, bring on the veggies. BRING IT! Bring it? I'm scared.

My preface to this whole situation is that I love with my whole entire body meat. Chicken, fish, beef, pork... everything. I'm an equal opportunity employer when it comes to digesting some good ol fashion meat. In fact, I can't think of many meals that I haven't made that didn't have some sort of meaty goodness.

So why, you might ask. Why would this beef lover of sorts put herself through this? Why would a woman who craves hamburgers like they are chocolate decide to write off such a thing? Because. Just that. Because.
1.) I love a challenge.
2.) I love trying to stretch my cooking.
3.) And I'm there for my girls thick and thin.
4.) And I've heard that it may help with some weight-loss goals I've been working on.

So I don't have any medical condition, I'm not a "save the animals" type of girl (I prefer organic... but maybe I'll go into that another time). There is this big unknown about being a Vegetarian that I'd like to explore. I've never tried eggplant, I don't really care for peppers... but I think I should man up and give them some time.

Daniel seems pretty indifferent. I'll still have meat around the house for him since I make him live without gluten. It will be a fun balancing act to make sure he gets his fat and protein and that I eat no meat.

Tonight, we are having Vegetable Soup for dinner... and I'm praying that it will give us two dinners so that I don't have to do too much creative thinking until after this week. We'll see. School hates me right now, and I have no free time.

So cheer me on, keep me accountable, and please please please don't tell me about the juicy steak you're having. For the love of all things holy. Oh yea, and Valentines Day doesn't count. We always have a nice steak for the holiday. So there.

Lord help me.