Friday, October 16, 2009

Intentionality, School, Liberation

Live: Have you stopped and breathed lately? My life is more than chaotic with school (and my new found love... Grey’s Anatomy). But, as I've been walking through the fall struck campus, I've been intentional of just thanking God for this opportunity. I have the freedom to love today, the freedom to learn, and the freedom to smile. Yeah, I have a lot of papers and random busy work, but in the long run they won't matter. You don't have to have intentionally thankful thoughts only around Thanksgiving.

Love: I loooooooove school. Especially now that everything is really stressful. I love learning, trying to stay awake in class, trying to retain as much information as I can, and picking the brains of my favorite professors. I love learning about all the complexities of Special Education, the psychology and development of young children, and how our brain works. I love that my professor quotes Avenue Q and South Park on a regular basis, and that my other professor calls us his children. I love school. I'm weird. And I love that too.

Laugh: So this morning I was driving to school, and of course I was late. I'm always in a hurry. That is a life lesson that I haven't mastered... time management. Sometime I work better when I'm super stressed out. My husband may hate me, but things get done. Anyways, I was driving quickly (not speeding... just quicker than suggested) to school and just because Terre Haute and God have a sense of humor I was railroaded. Railroaded is a common term in Terre Haute. (Railroaded: Stopped inconveniently by one of the 18 million trains that come through town on a daily basis. May be the best excuse when running late.) So the railroad bars came down... and I was officially going to be late. I waited... and waited... but no train was coming. Then, some redneck (but Jesus loves him too) behind me revved his engine and drove his Ford F-14658739473-50 around me, and through the railroad bars. Whaaaaat?!?! You can't do that mister! Then, I looked at the clock... looked at the bars... and did it. I dashed the train bars, pulled a completely illegal maneuver. It was liberating. Not only did I get to school on-time, but I also rocked a sweet S-turn avoiding death. (This is the point where I should mention, but don't want to, that a train never came and there was a mere glitch in the system.)