Friday, December 10, 2010

Hi God, remember me? [Random Ramblings]

Sometimes, that is my very question.

God? I know you created this world and there are so many people who need your attention more than me. And I know you don't consider me less than others, but, where are you?

Sometimes I feel like I ask, and ask, and ask... and there isn't an answer. The provision never came, or it wasn't what I "needed" or expected. And that's the thing. What I need, and what God knows that I need, are normally completely different things. God promises to provide for me, for us, but he never really told us that we would be over abundantly provided for. I don't blame him. Not having any needs would be nice, but then I would probably forget to call on His name. It's my selfishness.

Last night, I was reminded that God does listen. I was blessed by friends, their generosity, and their attention to God's movement in their lives. What was obedience to one was a blessing to us. God's blessing. God reminding me that He wants me to always bring my needs to Him because he wants to be asked. God may know what I need long before I do, but the process of asking (the humility of it all) is what seems to be the trigger. Hold on to your wigs - I need to know that I "need". That I can't make it on my own, and by my own accord. That realization, and then acting my asking, it's beautiful. And today, I'm thankful that I get to ask. That I get to realize. And that God gets to move. In His perfect way.