Friday, February 27, 2009

Live, Love, Laugh (Numero Uno)

I suck at blogging. I never have anything wonderful to blog about... Maybe if I give myself categories to this about, it will be a little easier. I got this idea from Grey Street Girl, and I like it. It makes you this about your day/life experiences in a meaningful way. Here we go:

Live: This morning I went to the International House of Prayer for their Friday morning "harp and bowl" service. They ended up not having the service this morning because the director was out of town, but instead I was able to witness these other women pray. I didn't do much praying myself because I'm slightly embarrassed, but listening was so rewarding. It was like breathing in a whole new breath of life. It wasn't your normal "me,me,me" prayers, it was hardcore praying for leaders in the Wabash Valley, praying against natural disasters, praying for revelation, restoration, healing, visions, gifts. It was intense. I was so blessed to be able to listen to these prayer warriors. They livened my faith, and stretched me to look at God in ways I haven't seen Him before. They talked to Him with humbled hearts and they spoke knowing that our God is Lord and Savior over all. Jeeze. What a way to live.

Love: I love when life gives you these unexpected gifts, and you really did nothing to deserve them. It sounds like I'm gearing up to talk about Daniel... but no... Subway made me love life more today. They didn't charge me for Daniel's extra meat, or extra cheese. AND, I told them a 6" sub, and they gave me a footer... for the 6" price. Score. Then, I got to take it to Daniel's work and share a reduced price meal together. Love.

Laugh: Today I had the day off. Huzzah. This is the way to live. I woke up this morning and the first thing I thought and talked to Daniel about was work. He stopped me and told me that it was my day off, so I shouldn't think about work (it kinda stresses me out, frustrates me, and gets me all worked up). So I didn't. To symbolize this, (get ready to laugh) I didn't wash my hair. Ha. No but seriously. I only wash my hair in the mornings because it drives me crazy at work when my hair is a living monster. I didn't work, therefore, I let the monster run wild. It was liberating. This was me being a hippie wild child, and it made me laugh.