Sunday, May 17, 2009

Starbucks Experience, Sunshine, Summertime Passtime/ Relaxation

Live: Well, it is pretty darn official. My life at Starbucks, my "Starbucks Experience," is drawing near to the finish. It was bittersweet to submit my two-weeks notice. I've built my Terre Haute, Indiana life around Starbucks. It has had its way with me, jerking me around and treating my internal clock like a rag doll. My partners (a fancy bux way of saying coworkers) have become some of my closest friends; spending 30+ hours with the same people will pull you together with no mercy. I love them, I can't stand them, I can't imagine my life without them.
The hardest part of this whole experience is the fact that for the past eight years, I have lived a life of change and uncertainty. I transferred high schools after my freshman year (best decision of my life). I moved to New York City three years later, moved to Northern Colorado a year after that, and now moved to Indiana... only to be once again be going through the college acceptance process again. Thankfully I'm a pro at this college transfer process madness. No college really has it all together, and brings stress upon those transferring, but I have this down. Starbucks, however, was suppose to be my baseline. The thing that I would be involved in for the next three years. I would master it, breathe it, love it. Once again, as I was just getting off my feet and becoming somewhat confident in where God had me, I fell. My knees caved in and gravity pulled me down. Once again, God reminded me that in him and him alone can I place my feet, all other ground is sinking sand. In him I should find my belonging, my pride, my assurance, my face, my person. Once again, I have surrendered and though I do not walk alone, my future is unclear. Apparently, God likes me to see it that way. Maybe I should become okay with that.

Love: The sun made it's full appearance today in T-Town. Welcome Buddy!!! The rain has been off and on the past few day, and today I was reminded how much I love the sun to kiss my face without a cloud in the sky to be seen. It must be liberating for the sun. You know, to show all its beauty without the hindrance of clouds. Fighting for attention is no fun. Especially when you're the sun.

Laugh: Nothing has really come to mind that is lol-able. So, this leaves room for a little business. I need some opinions and suggestions on movies and shows. I have the whole summer to explore, GIVE ME SOME IDEAS!! What are your favorite movies? Favorite TV shows?

One more thing.... There is a blog in my blog reel that comes up with Cradle Robbing in China. This is an AWESOME blog by one of my former professors in NYC. I'd think everyone would like following it. However, the blog reel doesn't update his current blogs... don't know why, but check it daily. He is pretty consistent.