Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A little this, a little that.

Here are a few things on my mind:

1. The tip of my middle finger has been numb since I brought groceries in with ONE trip rather than TWO.

2. I give my last speech today. Thank you Lord God Almighty. I hated COMM 101. Do hate, will hate, forever hate, still hate.
3. Reasons for hating my speech class:
i. I hate technology, submitting my speech online, and video recording the event.
ii. Apparently I hate speaking formally in front of friends.
iii. I'm never prepared enough.
iiii (formally known as iv.). I hate inconveniencing people to listen to my speech because I have to have a 4 person audience.
iiiii. Speaking in front of a small group is way more vulnerable than a large group. I find strength in numbers.

4. On to better, happier things.
5. I'm creating a wandering list. This may be difficult because I pledged my life to my husband who is a natural (but un-admitting) homebody. Our worlds have collided, and naturally I lose. But, I'm still creating it, and making sure that there are places he would want to see. Such as: Tokyo. And the Great Wall. And Hong Kong (I want to be like John Stossel and start a frisbee business in Hong Kong because you can). And I want visit all 7 continents. This one may get a little hairy as far as getting the hubs to acquiesce, but I'll keep you informed.

6. We have also been making a life to-do list. I refuse to be an old married couple just living life with children and no life goals. I refuse. In light of that, we have decided to become SCUBA certified. And with that, I've convinced him to go to the Great Barrier Reef. Score one for B-town. This may also mean that he'll move to the beach one day... I thought I'd never see the day.

7. I'm baking cookies. One batch GF and one batch normal. I am pleased to announce that I can't taste the difference.

8. I'm shooting a wedding in less than a month.

9. My friend Rachael is having a baby in about a month... maybe sooner... who knows. And this stirs ups all sorts of giggles and bubbles in my stomach (I can't imagine what it does for her). The baby name starts with an 'A', and I've been guessing for too long. All bribe money can be sent to me.
10. My kitten is HUGE now. I had to make him a new bed, and he jump onto the window. But he still sleeps belly up, and that makes everything better.
11. I would really really love one of these:

I think that it would look adorable on my kitchen counter. And it's green. And summery. Speaking of summer.... WHERE HAVE YOU GONE?!?!
Come back.


Irene said...

haha. I heart you big time. I know that makes me sound like a 13 year old teeny bopper, but I said it anyway.

Anonymous said...

Another great picture of Baby A! How fun! You are such a great photographer, and I'm honored to be included in your blog. :) I'm feeling more confident about "The Name," but we decided that since we've waited this long that we might as well wait until she's born before we spill the beans. It would be a lot easier on all of us if she came in, oh, let's say 2 weeks? It's getting kinda toasty in my belly. I'm pretty sure she'd be more comfortable on the outside! :)

sarah said...

haha! i loved reading this because you were with me in cinci when you wrote it!

ohmygoodness no worries on the speech-ing front. you were (and are) awesome. and we totally weren't inconvenienced. plus, we always had food after and hang-outage. so all is well!