Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Comstock Family Reunion 2010

A few weeks ago Daniel and I traveled back to Colorado Springs where my family was hosting the Comstock family reunion. Here are a few highlights:

- Uncle Denny was playing soccer (barefoot) with second cousin Emily (not to be confused with cousin Emily who is 3). It was dark, and Uncle Denny was trying his best to dominate, but let's face it... Emily owned. If I remember correctly there were also some (2) frisbees flying around, and it was mass confusion for all that were involved. And then Uncle Denny kicked the ball straight on, and thought he bent his toenail. He went to check, and he didn't. The toenail popped off, only hanging by some skin. It was nasty, everyone stared, Uncle Denny may have scream while pouring on hydrogen peroxide, and may or may not have cursed. I would have. Second Cousin Matt (an awesome nurse) gave him bandaging instructions, and a few encouraging words.

- Young People played the Old People in wiffleball. We won. All three games. There was a ton of smack talk, some unnecessary roughness on the field, and some great plays. In the end, we young people rocked it.

- A group of us (including the Mesward boys) decided to climb Eagles Peak one Saturday morning. It's my favorite hike/view of Colorado Springs. The hike is just long enough to remind you that you're really out of shape, short enough to do in a morning, and high enough to make you feel pretty hardcore for finishing it. I thought I was going to die on the way up... and the way down. But you just couldn't beat the view.

- We ate a ton of really good food. This family is not short of good cooks or good eaters. Lets just say both job were done very well.

We had a really great time. I was thankful for Daniel to meet the extended family, to meet new members of the family, and be reunited in a reunion sort of way. Enjoy some pictures documenting some great moments. Can't wait for the Comstock Family Reunion 2012, Las Vegas.

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Irene said...

um, hello. i love your new blog layout. way to show the rest of us up....geeeez. freakin' overachiever.