Thursday, April 15, 2010

Its been awhile...

Because I've become a softy.
Because Daniel pulled an "all-nighter" last night and has been passed out since 3:30pm.
Because I have walked a path of too much resistance,
conquering middle schoolers, pompous professors, 60 page reports, too much history, and kitchen mice.
Because I have gray hairs.
Because I'm rebellious.
Because Terre Haute has a "smell".
Because I got Easter M&M's at Sams Club for a price I couldn't resist.
Because of sales at Victoria Secret.
Because of new flip-flips.
And pink wallets.
Filtered water.
Broken cell phones.
My budding garden.
80 degree weather.
Carpeted floors.
New Music.
And because I got the chance to paint my toenails,

I have a picture of our (potential) new member of the family. Please take notice of the "M" strategically "furred" onto its forehead. He (I'm hoping) will be named.... Mr. Mesward.

1 comment:

Irene said...

I, the non-cat lover, do declare that you NEED TO GET HIM NOW!!!! the furry M did me in.
As a nickname, you should call him Puss in Boots. :) Shrek style.