Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday, Nate and Rachael, Yachts

Yay for Friday!!! My first work week without Daniel is coming to a close, and I'm proud to say that I survived. I made many discoveries in Cincinnati, and I hope to dig a little deep and really get to know the city more. I found out that all my favorite grocery stores (the ones I can't find in Indiana) are only as far as 15 minutes away, and there are coffee shops and shopping galore.

Just before I left Terre Huate, I had the privilege to do a photo shoot with a couple that Daniel and I love. Nate and Rachael are not only our landlords, but they have been absolutely amazing friends. We always enjoy spending time with them and their little dog Sofi. So I asked them to be my guinea pigs because I was dieing to try out my new camera. We took to the Indiana country scene and they made wonderful models. Here are a few of my favorites ;0)

We look forward to hopefully seeing them here in Cincy soon (hint,hint Browns).

And another side note, Daniel and I are rubbing elbows with the rich tonight at a yacht cocktail party. I'm a little nervous... what am I going to wear?!?!?!

And another side note, I'm sitting across the street from a former beautiful church turn to Urban Outfitters. Awesome. I love it.

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nateandrachael said...

It's me! It's us!! Aww, and on my birthday, too!!! That's so cool! Wow, you did a lot with those pictures...especially since you didn't have much to work with in the model department. Aww, Brooklyn, that's awesome!