Monday, June 22, 2009

Detox Week

It is detox week here at the Mesward household, and I love new adventures with Daniel. I have been thinking and researching the idea of a detox diet for a few months now. There are a lot of strange ways to go about cleansing your body, but I feel like we took a humane approach.

Some diets require you to only have green tea, honey, and some strange concoction for ten days... psh, we wouldn't last three hours. Others just make you take this magical pill and all of a sudden your cleansed (I'm dubious, and it's super expensive). I just did a combination and made up my own little diet. Luckily I have a wonderful husband who will humor me by doing it too.

What we do is basically take out most of the man-made foods in our diet and take an herbal cleansing supplement with our meals. It makes it easier since Daniel has to be gluten-free because we don't have to remove too much except for sugars. I didn't stock up on flavored yogart, ice cream, and milk this week. Instead we went to a farmers market to get some farm fresh veggies, and picked up a bunch of fruits from Sams. We got a lot of tea, some raw almonds and trail mix, and ta-da!! you have yourself a perfectly good detox diet.

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The Gisel's said... this is the diet...I like it. Keep up the fresh eating:) Great to do in summer when fresh veggies are more accessible!