Saturday, June 4, 2011

Relief in the midst of crowds.

So, it has been decided that Midtown is nuts during the summertime. I don't remember so many people when I was living there! I mean... you pretty much can't wait without running into someone who randomly decided to stop in their tracks and look up. I guess I can't blame them. The Concrete Jungle is awesome on the streets, but the skyscrapers hanging above you are nothing less than impressive.

Today we traveled Midtown by foot. Starting in northern Times Square, zigzagging our way through festivals, famous expensive music stores, stopping in awesome shops, eating gigantic food, touring the NYC library, then ending in Grand Central Station (with Magnolia Cupcakes). It was a lot of fun, and we really enjoyed the tourist hotspots, but we are REALLY looking forward to a relaxing day in Central park tomorrow.

48th Street near Times Square was a highlight for D. He spent some time looking through musical instruments that he would never have permission to buy, and he even tried a different type of guitar that he already owns (I know I screwed that wording up, D... sorry:). An interesting part that I found amazing was a picture that was posted in one of the stores (I know, it wasn't one of the amazing guitars). It was of the owner and his wife in front of the twin towers... and it was dated 9/10/01. That's crazy! How quickly things change.

We hit up the M&M store in Times Square. I LOVED IT!!!! We both did, really. Not a color of M&M was missed, and you could create your own bag full of them... in whatever color you wanted. So cool. Though crowded, that store was a highlight for sure!

We ate at Stage Deli in Times Square. Biggest sandwich and cheesecake ever... New Yorkers know how to do food. It's a fact. Take a look!

We ended the day with spending time with another B&D. They are the best. They JUST got married in April of 2011, so it was so wonderful hearing about the wedding, honeymoon, and life as a married couple in NYC. So cute and in love, I couldn't have picked a better way to end the day. I feel so blessed to have friends that I can still connect with even after we haven't seen one another in a long time. We ate at a fancy greek place on the west side called Kefi. It was really spectacular, and kind of exotic (for us country folk, at least!). We swung on swings in Central Park, reminisced days of old, and ate ice cream together. It was perfect, and I'm so excited for them to come see Cincinnati sometime in the not too distant future! Thanks D&B for a wonderful night and great eating choice. We love you guys.

Favorite quote of the day: "You know how there are big groups of people standing on both sides of the crosswalk waiting to cross.... and everyone meets in the middle... well, I like that you can let a huge one rip right there and no one would know." -D

We realized today that it would have been WAY MORE cost effective for us to have each purchased a 7 day unlimited Metro Card. Note to self... don't make that mistake again.

Tomorrow is a lazy Sunday in the City, I&E come, we prepare and pack for.... EUROPE! Woot.


Prayer Requests:
-I&E arrive safely tomorrow with not complications
- D's persistent cold

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sarah said...

praying for you guys! and SO EXCITED for your next leg of the journey! hurrah hurrah!