Tuesday, June 14, 2011


We spent a day in the lovely town of Brugge. A quaint little tourist town, it was a lot like that Market Square in Brussels, but just smaller. Daniel decided that they had the best Frits. And the best frits is a very important and prestigious award. Belgiumites take their food seriously.
ALSO, Daniel got a HAIR CUT!! It was really about time, and not many people can say that they got their hairs cut by a Lebanese in Brugge, Belgium. He was the best hair cutter... ever. Edward Scissorhands personified. The whole time the girls just laughed and laughed as hair was falling to the ground and the hair man cut away. Good news is that Daniel's hair looks great!
The first part of the day we walked around Brugge and took in the sights by foot. The Gothic architecture is amazing, and the old cobble stones add to the old-time feel. After we ate lunch in the main square below the famous bell tower (and Daniel got his hair cut), we rented bikes and saw the rest of Brugge by bike. We saw 4 windmills, and lots of cute alley ways with colorful homes! We all agreed that biking Brugge is the best way to see the little town, and we all had so much fun doing something besides walking!
The train ride back to Brussels was filled with "would you rathers", funny questions, and great fellowship. I feel so blessed to be able to travel the world with some of the best people on this planet. Stay tuned for more pictures!

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