Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jet lag.


We've made it to the City of Love, just in time for the 3rd anniversary of D and I!! All four of us are a little (more like a lot) tired, but that didn't really spot us from exploring our little side of Paris.

Our flight was really interesting. Thankfully Rene brought 5 bags of grapes, 6 bags of goldfish, and assorted other snacks along... otherwise we would have probably died. We all took sleeping pills, but found that they only made it painful not to be asleep and not necessarily helpful in the sleeping process. Interesting.

After arriving in Paris at 6am and heading through the non-existent customs, we made our way through the subway system and the twisty roads of Montmartre, and finally discovered our adorable little flat that we've rented for the next few days. It's perfect for us! Two bedrooms, one bathroom, full kitchen, living, and dining room. Perfect.

Sacre Coeur. We walked to it today. It was a loooong uphill hike. And Daniel and I are still uber sore from waltzing through NYC. But we made it, and it was worth the hike! We have never been to a building so old (constructed in the 1600's) and beautiful. It looks over the whole city, which gives it an added bonus. And it's free! While there we ate really good crepes, and looked at some local art! D bought me a beautiful little piece for our anniversary. I'm the luckiest.

I tried to think of a hilarious quote of the day, but after about zero hours of sleep... everything seems hilarious and my decision making skills have gone out the window.

Tomorrow we hit up Versailles and the Eiffel Tower.

Pictures to come tomorrow...


The Gisel's said...

Oh Brooklyn! We are living vicariously through you & reminiscing on our 1st day in Paris:) Meandering around Montmartre until finding our hotel, then hiking up the hill to Sacre Cour were all part of our Day 1. But we didn't make it to the top of Sacre Cour. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. Bon Anniversaire:)

sarah said...

WOW! YOU'RE IN PARIS! FRANCE!!!! i'm beyond psyched for you. every day i think of you and say to myself-"i wonder what adventures they're having today?". i'm sorry that the plane ride was tedious- that's definitely the worst part of going to europe- the hopping the pond and Getting there! eat some bread and cheese for me- hold hands with D at sunset- and don't forget to hold your breath when you walk over the sewer drains! (this goes for every city in europe!) :D I LOVE YOU!