Monday, April 20, 2009

Psalms, Milestone, Miscommunications

Live: I love Psalms. When my own words fail me and I'm searching for prayers, the book of Psalm is where I turn. Lately, they have been such a reminder of a steadfast God. A God that does not ignore my words, and who knows my every feeling and emotion. Nothing is hidden to Him, and I want to take full advantage of the refuge I can find in Him. Passages like, "I cry aloud to the Lord; I lift up my voice to the Lord for mercy. I pour out my complaint before him, before him I tell my trouble" and, "You are my refuge, my portion in the land of the living," " [...] in your faithfulness and righteousness come to my relief." It's powerful to me. I have the creator of the universe on my side. He covets the time I invest, and His favor is for me. Beautiful. Though I may be worried about how life will pan out in the next few years, there is a God who longs for me to lay it all down at His throne; to be still and know that He will take care of all. I am continuously reminded of His faithfulness.

Love: It occured to me that Daniel and I are almost two months away from being married a year. That, I love.

Laugh: Looking back on this past weekend and my food fiasco, I laugh. Recalling the emotions and thoughts I had over this past weekend and my food fiasco, I didn't laugh. As I was trudging through the week, I knew that I had to make a side dish for a potluck-type lunch we were going to attending Sunday. It's a side dish, no big deal. Well, I couldn't figure out what to bring, so I got this recipe from a book at the library that looked promising. There were a few strange ingredient mixtures, but I guess I overlooked them initially. As I started mixing everything, I was grossed out. I hate cayenne pepper and cumin... and there was a lot of it. There was sugar and celery salt, lemon juice and onions, I thought I was going to puke. Daniel says to leave it alone and just bring it. I just couldn't get over the fact of how gross it was. I had a sleepless Saturday night fretting over this stupid dish. "I know, I'll just bring it and make something else in the morning before I have to leave at 7am!" Obviously I was over thinking this whole situation. I was resting assured that at least my jello-jigglers which I had also prepared would be jiggly and flawless. They were my remedy. Back up a few moments, I had mentioned to Daniel that if we wanted he could put a second layer of jello on Sunday morning before he went to church (I had to be there early), but I also mentioned that if I had time, I could as well. Flawless, remember? Sunday morning comes and I put another layer of jello on (yum, strawberry and blue jello layer perfectly). My morning conitnues and I warn those to be a lunch that my dip sucks, but the jello will be okay. As Daniel and I are listening to the teaching, I lean over and say, "Were you happy that I did the jello this morning?" And he looked at me and said, "I did the jello this morning!" I almost died. WHAT?!?!?! Needless-to-say, my perfect jello was tainted with watermelon jello (I didn't even know we had waltermelon jello), and both of my dishes.... sucked. Well, people eneded up liking both... but thus proves the point that if you think you have communicated enough, you haven't.


Irene said...

um, i love you. and I always look forward to your blogs because your laugh part makes me feel like I was there in that moment with you, laughing about it together. The retainer in the hair thing - hahahahahahahahhahahahahaha! White girl 'fro, anyone? Love you, miss you.

nateandrachael said...

So Nate and I just finished up the rest of your TASTY dip and Nate was like, "I still can't believe Brooklyn didn't like this stuff! It's great!" LOL.

You are too funny. =)