Monday, April 13, 2009

Thinking, Money, Muumuus

Live: Bah, good-byes suck. The family left today, but fortunately the memories will last. I've been thinking lately about the grand scheme of life. As in, when I come to the end of the road, what will I think to be the most important things I could have, should have, done. Obviously this is complex because to my knowledge I'll be here a while. And, who knows what I will think then. So with my best judgment I've been thinking about it.

Love: If there is anyone that can show a generous love, it is my Nana. I continuously feel at a loss for words when I think about how generous she loves those around her, and those she does not know. Since my Grandpa passed away in 2001, she has been more than gracious with the money that God has given her. Yes, the money is excessive, but I don't think I'd be so willing to give so much. She supports missionaries, charities, churches, and her family. Would you be so generous? She always says, "It can't go with you, why keep it around?" Ha. My mom usually replies, "Whatever, before I die, stick some in my pocket... I'm takin' it with me!" Haha. It is such a good lesson to learn to be generous with the things (maybe gifts) God gives you.

Laugh: Muu-muu-"the loose fitting unbelted dress designed for women of all sizes, originated in Hawaii." Or in my family, a dress only worn when you want to "let your belly out". They are SO unflattering. I bought my mom and her friend one when I was in Nicaragua as a joke, and now, it's a holiday staple item. This Easter my mom and aunt, adorned in their muumuus, took to the porch to let the holiday food settle in their stomachs and to watch the neighbors. I think I might be shot for putting this photo up... but... it'll make you laugh. For more information on muumuus, please see this.

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