Thursday, April 16, 2009

Work, Soy Milk, Retainers

Live: Today I was working all day. I know, most of America works all day... but today it really got to me. The sun was shining (which, it hasn't done in a week or more) and everything outside looked so peaceful and happy. I wanted to be anywhere but at work. Blah. This got me to thinking, "self, make sure when you grow up that you get a job you absolutely love, never settle for less." Thanks, self. Sometimes I find myself searching for my life's path only in a way to better the perception others have of me. It looks a lot more impressive to go to grad school and continue on to your doctorate while balancing a home life with a husband and three chitlins. But seriously? That really isn't me. I guess, maybe it is, and I just don't know about it now. I suppose I should just make my decisions very carefully. You really only have one life to live, and you might as well do something you love everyday. May I be so in touch with my Jesus that His will for my life will naturally flow and blossom, so that I can live a life of fullness in His glory.

Love: Do you ever have something in your life that you don't love but you wish with every fiber within you did? Something that you tell yourself over and over again that you love, just in case you'll believe yourself? For me, it's soy milk. Man I love soy pods SO much, and I love milk SO much. WHY CAN'T I LIKE SOY MILK? It's frustrating!! It's healthy, classy, AND is a free upgrade with a registered Starbucks card. Please body, love soy milk. For me?

Laugh: When I was younger I wore braces, just like every other American child (at least it seems). And now, as a grown girl, I have nightly retainers. Now, I may not wear them religiously, but my smile changes if I don't wear them for a while so I try real hard to wear them as much as possible. TMI? It gets worse. As I lay there in bed, with my subconscious running free, my retainers are usually removed from my mouth (no, not from some alien abduction) by my hands and put in random places. Sometimes under my pillow, in the sheets, or on the nightstand. But once, I couldn't find my retainers for the life of me. With my bed stripped of the sheets, and pillows thrown about, I couldn't believe they weren't there. Did I eat them? It utter dispare, I meandered into the bathroom and took my hair out, only to find them nesting in what I thought was a huge knot... but was merely my retainer all screwed into my hair. Gross. The End.

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