Friday, November 20, 2009

Who's your God?, Relaxation, ...Body Parts...

Live: What do you live for? What is you kick in the pants every morning that convinces you not to press the 'snooze' one more time? I WANT it to be unconditionally for Jesus. But, I can't be truthful with myself and say that my drive for everything is Jesus. That's horrible, I hate that about myself. Today I pray for a revelation of His Spirit, a new day, and a new opportunity to wake up for Him.

Love: Today, I'm especially in love with the prospect of Thanksgiving break. EVEN though I have to write a paper this weekend, and have to go to school Mon and Tues, a break sounds heavenly. Thank you Jesus for a chance to just hangout with my husband and celebrate Thanksgiving.

Laugh: Today my teacher made me laugh really hard. As we were talking about the biological factors of development, she clicked to the next slide and screamed, "UTERUS! 9am, and you're seeing a uterus. That's right, it doens't get much better than that!" Maybe I'm immature... but that's pretty awesome.

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