Friday, August 14, 2009

Random Rants (May I have your attention please?)

Last full week in the Nati. I can't believe how time has flown by! I also can't believe that I'm starting school again in a week and a half. That is NUTS! I am feeling a weird mixture of emotions about jumping back into school. I mostly want to get it all over with, but I also love learning... so I'm trying to savor every part of the school experience. Though I'm currently not openly saying this in conversation, I sorta like Cincinnati. It is not Colorado by any means, but it has a lot to offer. Ohio is a pretty cool state to be in. There is a lot of outdoor activities, the people are friendly if you're friendly first, and if you live in the outskirts of town the crime decreases significantly. I suppose if GE Aviation gave us a deal we couldn't refuse, I wouldn't mind residing here for a little while after college.

College is another situation. I'm praying really hard that everything works out smoothly with trying to graduate in two years, and getting all the classes I need in. It would royally suck if Daniel moved to Cincinnati and I had to stay another summer in Terre Haute to finish my classes. Yeah, royally suck. Long distance dating was really hard, I can't imagine long distant marriage.

I really liked the 'not working' part of my summer. It sounds lazy and slightly ridiculous... but it was glorious! I had loads of time to think, play, recover, and read! Even though I really want to get a teaching job after school, I could definitely see myself staying home and being a housewife someday. I could have a huge garden, be thrifty, manage my household, and clean with green products. Oh yeah, I'm totally into cleaning green now. I wish I had discovered being environment friendly soon in my summer, because I would have had more time to explore the loveliness of making your own ways to be green. There are books beyond books on how to simplify your life, and be a good steward with your resources. I see lots of baking soda, tonic water, lemons (OH, I want a LEMON TREE!!!), and white vinegar in my future. I've also come to love fresh veggies from the markets. It makes me super excited to be making my own salsa, hummus (though I haven't tried it yet), pickles, jam, and granola. All I need is some jars and those sucky machines that vacuum all the jars air tight. Some would wonder why I finish school then not be enslaved in the workforce all the days of my life... School is my selfish ambition in life. It is for me because I told myself that I would finish college and get a four year degree. I couldn't let myself down, and it something that I won't compromise (this is the part where I add the bit about God perhaps changing my heart down the road or whatever... just sayin' for now, school beckons me). What life after graduation holds, only God knows. I've tossed around the idea of graduate school if the market is really bad still, but I might be happy writing blogs and nothing, being a housewife, and being involved in the community. I'm reminded by Proverbs 16:9 In his heart (mind) man plans his way (journey,course), but the Lord determines his steps.

Mom came to Ohio last week. It was amazing. She taught me all sorts of cooking things, and I was SO grateful to have a buddy in town to explore with. She is ridiculously funny too and Daniel and I can't get enough of her. There were multiple nights where we would say goodnight to her and shut our door... only to hear 5 minutes later her cracking up in the other room. It was hilarious.

She taught me how to make red chili sauce from dried chili's! We made chicken fajitas one night, and smothered burritos the other... and those meals kept on giving long after she left. I made carne asadas, a breakfast fritatta, an international dinner frittata, AND more burritos with the leftovers. Whew. It was awesome.

And now... I need some suggestions. As school oh-so-quickly approaches, I need some quick dinner ideas from EVERYONE! They can be anything, I'm just making a personal cookbook that I can go through (or Daniel.... right, honey?) and pick out a meal that I have most everything for on a fly. So give me some options people!!

I love you all, you beautiful people you.

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