Thursday, July 2, 2009

Is it weird to talk about detox and martinis in one blog?!?!

I never really updated since the ending of our detox diet.. sorry about that. Unfortunately, I don't think there are too many people waiting anxiously ;o)

So the detox was suppose to end officially Sunday, but Daniel and I decided to end it on Friday because (I know, I know, big cheaters) we made a spontaneous trip to Terre Haute for a friend's weddings and a good-bye party. Here are a few observations from the whole experience:
1. My stomach became very used to eating only fruits and veggies/ taking herbal supplements. My appetite changed and I was less bloated after the week was over. That was really nice. I felt pretty good, my skin cleared up, and my jean fit a little better (probably from losing water weight... but we drank SO MUCH fluids.)
2. Our tastes were way different afterward. We went Chipotle one night and I couldn't believe all the flavors bursting in my mouth! There was so much salt that I was actually twitching my face... I love salt... that has never happened before! Foods the used to be not so sweet were extremely sweet... like strawberries, blueberries, bananas. I like that. Instead of forcing my self to eat fruit because it is good for me, I was eating fruit because it satisfied my sweet tooth (not my chocolate tooth, though).
3. My body processes food a lot faster.

I would consider this detox a success even though we cheated out of it early. We didn't starve ourselves, we pounded our bodies with loads of nutritious foods, and we gave our bodies the opportunity to cleanse itself.

My little (taller) sister is out for the week. She flew in yesterday and the fun hasn't stopped since. We walked along the Newport, KY levee, and ate at a really swanky bar on the river. Oh story time:
The bar (Bar Louise) was having a $1 burger night. Even though I wasn't feeling a burger then, being the frugal woman I am I decided to go for it for the sake of saving money. Since I did that, I thought I could get a martini too because I'm 21 now... and I do what I want ;o) Mostly I figured that since we were saving by getting a burger, I could get a drink and it would be like getting a regular plate with water... but I get a martini instead. Yea no. I didn't think to ask how much this 8 oz drink cost... and it was 9 freaking dollars once the ticket came. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! It was a fantastic martini... but I would have equally enjoyed the water knowing that I was saving 9 dollar by not getting a drink. Sigh, live and learn. You got me this time Bar Louise, but next time I'm coming during 1/2 drink night... and only getting a drink.

We are headed to the Cincinnati Zoo today :o) It's time to visit the ancestors ;o)

That was a joke.... btw.

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Irene said...

hahahahahah! oh my gosh..."time to visit the ancestors" dear lord I miss you.
detox, hooray for you!
martinis, hooray for you!
morgan, hooray for you!
All that to say...I miss you and I'm happy that I get to share in your life via texting, emails, and blogs. praise the lord for technology. Being amish is SO not my calling.