Monday, October 17, 2011

Falling Behind. Again.


Man life has been busy since the whirlwind trip that was Europe. D and I are officially settled in our small home in Cincinnati, and we are adjusting to life. D is starting his Masters work and I'm student teaching an hour away... so life still catches us by surprise once in a while. We are busy, to say the very least. As in - I'm lucky if I remember to shower everyday, please give me more that 5 hours of sleep, I need to be done with school, when will my husband go to bed -- kind of busy. I feel like life presses on you so hard sometimes and it takes everything inside, every fiber of strength, to resist being crushed.

I do have a few pictures I'd love to share with you. Not of the house... those will come eventually. But of a wedding I did this summer. My dear dear friend Brooke got hitched to this Air Force Doctor to-be, and their wedding was absolutely beautiful. It was stylish, classy, and really fun. They both have this joy for life and love -- it was truly unique. So enjoy a few pictures of B&C.


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