Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oh. Hi!

Why hello, friends. I'm glad I don't have fare-weather blog readers because otherwise I'd be in big trouble. So. You want to know about our lives? Obviously, we are rather busy these days... but I'd love to give you a small update on what we are focusing on these days.

This is Paris, France. And we are going to be there on June 7th (our 3 year anniversary!). Given that we have so much school work and events happening before we go, we haven't been able to get too excited over our trip to Europe. Oh yeah, have I mentioned we are going to EUROPE? We are. And it's my dream come true. As far as D's dream come true... I'm not sure. But, I hope he walks away loving to travel, loving Europe, and feeling refreshed for his coming job. Oh yeah. Have I mentioned my amazing husband got a job? (I haven't blogged in a long time...) We are very excited that D is going to be working at GE Aviation, starting in July. He has worked so hard throughout his schooling, he really earned this awesome job opportunity. So, we will be moving back to Cincy this summer.

Anyways, back to Europe. We have been planning (we as in Irene and me... well Irene is way better at doing rather than dreaming than me) a lot, and trying to figure out the best way to get through Europe on a budget. Our trip includes four counties (not including our layover), five major cities, and a lot of train time.

So... we have a layover in Iceland. Reykjavik, Iceland.

I wish we were there during the day so that we could see the city from the windows... but that's okay.
Góðan daginn Reykjavik!
Please don't make us late for our flight to Paris!!
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Next we will fly into Paris (on our 3-year anniversary) and fall in love all over again. At least that's what they tell me. My hope are high. Not that I'm not in love now... nevermind.

Bonjour Paris!
After about 4 days in Paris (falling in love with baked goods, museums, Lewis XVI, etc., we will be taking a train to meet up with our hosts in Brussels: M&A.
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Goeiedag Brussels!
We plan on spending a lot of time here! ...Getting to know M&A, walking around the city, eating, geocaching, visiting NATO, and just living the European life.
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At least one day we plan on taking a train to Brugge and touring the canals.

And then... D and I head to Munich, and Irene and Emily are heading to Zurich. In Munich D and I are planning a trip to the BMW Museum, and a trip to Dachau.

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After a few days there, D and I are taking a day and spending it in the European countryside, via train. Back to Paris we go, only to catch an overnight train to Roma!

We (all 4 of us) plan on spending a week in Rome! Caio Roma!

So I don't want to spoil all the awesome details... because I will be trying to post throughout the trip. So stay tuned!

In the meantime, D is graduating! His parents are coming! And we have to pack up our house! So busy.

A new season of life is about to begin. What will it hold?

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Anonymous said...

haha. i loved reading this! YOU ARE GOING TO EUROPE!!! hurrah hurrah! i am so excited for you and living vicariously through you as well. i know you will have an amazing time! especially in paris and rome! rome is BEAUTIFUL!